CBH - Containerized Bulk Handling - ISG Pit to Ship Containers


Containerised Bulk Handling is in operation of loading, transporting, storing and unloading bulk in standard sealed ISO ISG containers through Rotating Spreaders into bulk vessels or vice versa. The technology is green, efficient, with low investment cost and quick implementation.


TOS+ (Terminal Operating System PLUS). The solution for port management and operations control, which integrates A to Z processes. TOS+ is the unique solution for bulk (dry and liquid), break bulk and container terminals of any size, with 3D and real time technology.

Sama Brasil

Sama Brasil Comércio Internacional Ltda.

Established in the city of São Paulo in 1991, SAMA BRASIL is dedicated to international trade operations and the promotion of new businesses. 

Over the years, we have established and consolidated business relationships in many parts of the world and across product and market segments.

We understand our client's needs and create taylor made solutions!


The indurad Technology: Software, Hardware, Engineering 

All of our solutions comprise original indurad hardware, software and engineering. All production steps from manufacturing over programming to support and consulting services are coordinated and performed by our professionally trained staff at our company headquarters in Aachen, Germany.

Our Hardware: Unique Radar Technology

  • indurad is both an original hardware developer and manufacturer 

  • Our solutions are based on a unique radar technology that is capable of performing measurements online and in real-time 

  • Robust design on the outside and robust components on the inside outperform competitive technologies such as laser, ultra sonic devices or 1D laser

Our Software: Reliable and High-performing 

  • Reliability and high performance have always been indurad's principal objectives 

  • For this reason, all of our software is based on a robust, customized Linux 

  • indurad's iFramework™ technology allows for the integration and customization of complex algorithms for reliable and high performance applications and visualizations

  • indurad’s iWEB™ technology is a Human-Machine-Interface combining setup and maintenance modules with an operator interface on one web-based platform 

  • This means: no SCADA integration costs entailed, no software installation is necessary

Our Engineering & Consultancy: Intelligent and Trustworthy

  • indurad is at home with mining, metallurgy and raw materials handling

  • We understand processes and select the right sensor mix to offer turnkey solutions including third party sensors, if beneficial

  • being an interdisciplinary team of highly skilled experts we customize our solutions to special needs and consult and support customers in their projects

Your local content: PLC

  • indurad contracts established local PLC programming companies recommended by our clients or by us for PLC system integration as we recognize their long site experience and the high variety in PLC generations

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